Windows XP Professional SP3 x86 (32-bit) ISO download torrent full clean version updated 2016 serial key themes activator

  • No more info about Windows XP Pro SP3.. maybe the best Windows Microsoft released, better than the Windows 7 or 10. Updated December 11th, 2016, clean ISO.

    -OS: Windows XP Professional SP3 (x86)
    -Language: US English
    -Recommended: 512 MB of RAM, 10 GB disk space (4 GB for installation).
    -Updates included at setup: most of the high-priority and recommended updates available by December 11, 2016 (Internet Explorer version 8.0.6001.18702, Windows Media Player version 11.0.5721.5280)
    -Updates that are not integrated in setup (to be installed post setup): Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, Windows Genuine Advantage Notification, Security Update for Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP 1, Windows XP End of Support Notification

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    Windows XP Professional SP3 x32 download torent free bootable ISO updated 2016 - 750 MB
    -Open text file GRTMPVOL_EN_20161211 VL keys in this folder and take note of any of the listed serial numbers (will be needed during setup)
    -Mount / burn ISO file and run setup
    -After installation has completed, you must validate XP (go to folder 'EXTRAS', subfolder Windows XP Validation Pack - instructions in text file)
    -In order to update Windows XP, you must install WindowsUpdateAgent go to folder 'EXTRAS', subfolder WindowsUpdateAgent - instructions in text file)
    -Now run Windows Update and update it to Microsoft Update (follow and accept all prompts, including Security and ActiveX warnings until you have Microsoft Update installed)
    -You may now delete the shortcut to Windows Update in Start Menu

    Updating Windows XP
    -When running update for the first time, you will get a message saying 'Software Upgrade for Some Windows Components Required'.
    -The upgrade will install Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool (KB892130).
    -When done, close the window, click Microsoft update home and check for updates again.
    -You will now be offered to install 5 high-priority updates and 9 Optional Software Updates.
    -High-priority updates are mandatory (66.6 MB total download size), so just install them:
    ---Windows XP End of Support Notification (KB2934207)
    ---Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 8 for Windows XP (KB2879017)
    ---Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool - August 2016 (KB890830)
    ---Windows Genuine Advantage Notification (KB905474)
    ---Security Update for Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package (KB2538243)

    -Most of the Optional Software Updates are related to .NET Framework (either installation of updates).
    -Skip these updates unless they are required by some applications, downloading and installing them take ages ...

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